The Family-Owned Concrete Construction  Company: About Us

Meet the team that brings you Gingerich concrete construction!

Lester Gingerich

Founder, President and CEO, Lester Gingerich has over 40 years experience in the concrete industry.

Benjamin Gingerich

Benjamin Gingerich

There from the very beginning, Benjamin has now taken over the day-to-day management as vice president of the company.

man with black shirt against white wall

Japheth Gingerich

Japheth is projects manager, specializing in the commercial divisions, including walls, foundations, and custom laser screeding.

Chad Gingerich

Chad Gingerich

Chad is co-projects manager, working with his brother Japheth to coordinate and manage projects.

Flynn Smith

Flynn is office manager, taking calls, and keeping paper work up-to-date & orders flowing smoothly, as well as Safety Director of the company.

man with black shirt against white wall

Jarrett Johnson

Jarrett is head foreman on the jobsites, making sure everything gets done as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

From our Grassroots beginning...

Our story began in 2007, when Lester Gingerich, along with his two eldest sons, Benjamin and Joel, started their company, Gingerich Concrete Construction. Lester's attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, made a strong foundation for the company, and the company quickly developed a reputation for excellent work. 

Lester's prior twenty years of experience in the concrete industry, coupled with the drive and vision of his two sons, soon put the company on the radar of a steady stream of referrals and loyal clients, local contractors, and homeowners.

To Rapid Growth

Within a few years, the company began to grow and diversify, with multiple employees to handle the ever increasing demand.

By 2010, the company's concrete construction services included walls, basements, driveways, foundations, and more, specializing in the decorative concrete niche, such as beautiful, stamped pool decks, patios, and walkways.

Tragedy struck in March of 2010, when a terrible accident claimed the life of Joel Gingerich, along with his fiance, Rachel, and nine more of her immediate family, when a semi-tractor crossed an interstate median and hit the van they were traveling in. 

...To Today

Although never the same, life continued. Today, Benjamin, along with his two younger brothers, Japheth and Chad, manages the company. The same attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction remains as strong as ever. 

As the company grew and adapted, so did their focus. Today, although they remain in the decorative niche, they now specialize in large-scale commercial and residential projects. In 2016, they added custom laser-screeding to their line-up of services, which includes warehouses, parking lots, commercial buildings and more!

In Loving Memory..

Joel Gingerich & fiance, Rachel Esh

On March 26, 2010, tragedy struck, as Joel, along with his fiance, Rachel Esh, (pictured) were traveling north with some of Rachel's family, including her parents and siblings. A semi-tractor driver lost control, crossing the median onto I-65 N, and hitting their van head-on. The violent impact proved instantly fatal for everyone inside, the only exception being two young boys, who's car seats kept them protected from serious injury. 

From the very beginning, Joel was a driving force in the company. While others were down-sizing or going out of business, Joel's go-get-'em attitude, along with his vision, and sheer hard work, helped take the company from almost nothing, to the cutting edge of the competition only a few years later. He was well-loved and respected by his family and friends, and his passing struck a deep blow to the entire community.

Joel Gingerich  1988-2010